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Another reason I needed something to help me was I was binned by this certain absolute stunner of a girl for her ex who I knew had a donger, but that's all he had going for him, so she was another one of these birds that likes being demolished by a weapon. I blame porn meself being the reason these women think were all hung like donkeys, So I bought the VigRX Plus pills as they said on the adverts they would make me cock bigger.....
I did what it said on the box and started taking two a day and within about a week me dick started to look a bit more meaty and then after a month it was definatley bigger as I had added a 1/4 inch in length, so I was happy. Carrying on I kept noting I was getting bigger and me shagging performances were getting more up to standard.
I had always given meself high scores in the shagging department cos same as these dirt bag women I had seen a lot of porn and I knew some top moves, but after prolonged use of the VigRX Plus pills I was starting to notice that I was probably scoring higher in the womens books as well on my performance and the tackle. Over 12 months of use with the VigRX plus I grew 4cm in length and about 4cm in girth and that extra bit makes a big difference. It makes a big difference when its not just yourself thinking your the best fuck a birds ever had either... ahahaaa, finally they might of actually be thinking It as well.. Its true anyway and even the VigRX PLUS advertising banners use it to sell their products as shown here....
When I bought these pills I got the 12 months supply size due to the relatively small difference in added cost as they drop in price the more you buy. At $479 when purchased from the American website they work out roughly to £383 inc delivery at an exchange rate of $1.25 to the UK-£…. plus then if you use voucher code "VPLUS10" it drops it down to around £344 for 12 months.. On top of that you will pay UK duty tax which is about £85 so all rounded off

12months supply of VigRX PLUS using 10% discount code "VPLUS10"
including free semenax and taxes paid, delivered to your door --
As you can see this is a fair difference in prices between the three brands, especially as they are all arguably as good as each other. However as an exclusive promotion penisperformer.co.uk are giving customers a FREE PENIS EXTENDER worth £150.00 with all 12 month packs of VigRX PLUS when you purchase through our links to the VigRX PLUS online store. There are no catches to this offer and all we require from yourself is the proof of purchase receipt showing your name and address so we can match it with the sale records we get sent by VigRX Plus that a 12 months supply purchase has been made, and  you will receive your £150 FREE PENIS EXTENDER within the following 7 days.
The prices shown on the VigRX PLUS website and also the 12months supply cost shown on here are all sent out recorded delivery and it takes around 3 days to arrive from the USA. The pills carry a 60 day no quibble guarantee that promises to give you your money back should you not be completely satisfied.
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This price is comparable to Max Performer and Male Extra as shown :-

12months supply Male Extra pills using 20% discount code
"SALE20" delivered to your door inc all taxes and free erection gel -----

12months supply Max Performer pills using 10% discount code "PP10"
delivered to your door inc all taxes ------
If you have been searching the internet long, for penis enlargement products you will have no doubt come accross the name VigRx Plus being advertised. VigRx Plus are highly  promoted a being the worlds number 1 selling natural penis enhancement, and they have been used by millions of men since they were became established around the year 2002. Originally sold as just "VigRx" these new "VigRx-Plus" are a tweaked version with more penis enhancement ingredients added for extra strength. I've personally used VigRx myself in the past before I switched over to Max performer for the only reason that the VigRx Plus came from the USA and I was paying import duties.

If you read my review on Max Performers already you will see the reason why I decided to take penis enhancement pills in the first place, but as a quick overview it was because I thought I needed a bit of a boost in my sexual stamina due to a long term relationship break up, and me getting back on the dating scene. I was 36 years old and I was going about it the way most people do nowadays and that's the internet dating sites route... Plentyoffish.com to be exact...

Well for some reason I was either being drawn to younger birds or they were being drawn to me as I seen a few different girls in their early twenties, and the problem was they wanted banging up to 4 or 5 times a day/night some of em, and I just didn't have it in me but not for a lack of not trying trust me..ahaahaa So being a forward thinking kind of bloke I had a look at these VigRX plus pills I had seen online continuously and after a read up I decided to give them a bash. As you can see on this page alone and the rest of the internet VigRX don't skimp on advertising and that's what led me to them, plus the fact they were officially the best seller and rated number one that was my other reason to choose them.
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