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So what do I think Max Performer pills apart from on UK import duty?? Well Max Performer Male enhancement pills are no slouch when it comes to strength, and I knew that anyway. I would actually say that Max Performer and the American produced VigRx Plus are pretty much on par with each other on strength and If I was asked to choose between the two if I didn't have to pay import duty, I'd probably go with the Max Performer pills because I think they have a slight edge over VigRX Plus. The company makes many claims on what these pills do and the list includes #Bigger and Harder Erections, #Increased Sex Drive, #Increased Performance and Stamina, ##Stronger Orgasms Both Will Notice, which is nothing out of the ordinary as all of these types of male enhancers say the same, but myself, my friends and all the reviews you will see on the internet all agree that these are power, there a bit special...

The enhancement pills work by increasing the blood flow into the penis and this causes the cells to break apart, and then they expand and rebuild themselves overtime causing your cock to get bigger. Ive been "secretly" (told you guys think about the competition and get some cock size insurance....ahahaa) taking penis enlargement pills now for a little over 30months and during this time I had first had 20 months of only taking tablets, no exercises and no extenders, and I grew 3cm's in length and packed on 4cm's in girth, which for just taking a pill and forgetting about it is pretty good going. I have had a mixture of VigRx Plus and Max Performer so the results I had must be shared, but been as though VigRx Plus are officially the worlds best selling natural male enhancement pills, and I noticed no decline when I swapped in any areas, and in fact if I felt I had an even bigger energy boost from the Max performer pills, that is the reason I would stick with these.
Ok guys what we have here is the penis enhancement pill known as max performer, made by the company silver blade nutrition based in the UK. If you remember on the introduction page I stated we only carry the top 3 male enhancement brands as we don't want "average" we want pure power stuff only, and Im not lying when i say this stuff is power....In actual fact this is my own personal choice and I have been using this brand for the last 16 months as insurance in the old trouser dept after using VigRx Plus for 12months. If your wondering why I changed over from VigRx Plus it was purely a geographical thing for me as im UK based, and due to the fact VigRx Plus only ship direct from the factory in the USA, I was having to pay import duties on top of the actual price. Had I been living in America I would probably still be on the VigRx Plus now.
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Max performer penis enhancement pills and why I recommend them

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The reason I got onto male enhancing pills in the first place was because I had come out of a long term relationship, and we were in fact engaged with kids. We split up which was hard enough but then I started getting back onto the dating scene, well the scene ahahaa, and I was attracting younger chicks for some reason. So after going out with a couple of different ones I wasn't giving myself the top scores in the sex department, and it was because I was in my mid 30's, and I was going out with girls in their early 20's..... Well when I was in my 20's I was fucking 6-10 times a day somedays, and I knew that's what these girls needed and I was struggling with 3 (although believe me I was trying my best). So I had a knock of confidence and then one day I had a second knock of confidence when this girl I had fallen for left me to get back with her ex.. And guess what he was a loser, a proper goon, but I knew he had a donger in his pants and I knew that was the reason she chose him. All he had was his cock, and me being in my mid 30's had the cars, the house, money and i'm good looking, and I must be because she was a stunner, early 20's, beautiful body, fun and filthy in bed and she was gone down to cock size, and that's when I did something about it.....
Now 30 or so months down the line my confidence is higher than its ever been with women. My cock is now BIG and if you aren't BIG already you wont understand how it feels until your the same but my cock is like a magic wand to women now.... The thing I have found out about women is that when they get destroyed by a big cock and you make them cum like never before they aint going no where. In fact they become stalkers if you try to bin them. If they are happy in the bedroom they cant bear the thought of some other bitch touching their fella's cock, and it sort of puts you in a position of control.... They are a weird breed but its true, and the facts show it also, as 96% of women when asked the qustion "would you leave the man you describe as The best lover you've had", stated NO THEY WOULDNT. That was in the same poll where 70% of women stated they prefer a big cock and wish their partners was bigger also.
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The service provided is no surprise as this is the company that offers an unheard of 100 days money back guarantee if your not 100% satisfied with the results, and if that's not a sign of quality and beliefe in your own products I don't know what is. As with VigRx Plus and Male Extra, you deal with the company themselves once you leave this website and they get shipped direct from the factory to your door so you know the quality is going to be perfect.

Click here TO GO THE MAX PERFORME STORE and use promotion code "PP10" which you get by coming through this website, to get sent directly to the official Max Performer online store.  You can click on any of the Max Performer Images found on my pages to get there also. One thing I can promise you guys is you will be happy with the advice ive given and the product you bought and that's a Promise......
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As with all three brands I promote on this website they are ram packed full of the best ingredients that have for centuries been known and used as natural "Viagra" due to their positive effects made to the penis and body overall, but these are stronger and tweaked for pure male performance gains. If you do end up buying some of these pills the  delivery and overall service given by Silver Blade Nutrition Ltd is superb both in manner of timescale for the products to arrive and the way they are discretely packaged. You can pay by paypal or credit card and your monthly bank statement shows as "SILVERBLADE" which means you can build a pussy destroyer without anyone knowing, and presumed you was just born like it.
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