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If you have missed it in other sections of the site, you have got another chance here to download my free basic 60 page penis exercise PDF book, where you can learn some of the growing techniques that are described in the proper exercise online video and booklet packs you find online like "The Penis Enlargement Bible by John Collins". Its goof enough to get you going and its free and if doubled up with pills your going to see some gains that don't go away.
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As with any professional manufacturer of goods to this standard the shipping and handling is done very efficiently and all orders are dispatched within 24hours after payment. Orders are sent "Next day delivery" on orders made before 1pm (excluding weekends and bank holidays). Worldwide orders expect to arrive within 5 - 15 days and items are sent with tracking numbers.

As you already know there is the 60 day money back guarantee included and if for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with the products you may return for a full refund.

Male Extra have very good support network in place should you ever wish to contact them, and you can do this by phone, email or live chat methods.

Deliveries are packaged descretley so you would not know what was contained and bank statements show the bill payment as ""WOLFSONBERG".

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On the opening page I mentioned we only promote 3 products as far as oral enlargement supplements go, and you can see why now. If it aint POWER we don't want it on this site, because average aint good enough in the cock department, so it aint good enough for me to put my name or website name to average strength pills either.

Whichever one of these 3 you choose your gonna be slowly brewing up a backdoor smashing throbber in your pants, just like the women like cocks to be.

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Male extra enhancement pills are not a product I have personally tried myself but I do have a very good friend who has been on these for around 18months and he swears by them. He didn't just come out and say "hey guess what im taking dick enlargement pills", and he tried to tell me the tub I seen rolling around on his car floor that said MALE EXTRA on the front was creatine tablets for the gym. Little did he know, or in fact up until then I also didn't know that we were both taking growth products. He was even more surprised when I said I have a website and showed him on the phone and that's when we got talking about the results we had achieved. I knew my mate had already got a donger on him anyway, and I was surprised he was taking them but he reckoned in 18months of using Male Extra's and jelq / stretch exercises a few times a week he had put on 2 solid inches and it was staying for good.

As the weeks went on slowly out of the wood work some of his mates from work were texting me finding out if they could get a discount, on Male Extra and it turned out hald of a building site was on them.. About ten guys ranging in ages from 17 up to nearly 50years old all building Male Extra anal destroyers in their pants. I'm telling you now, you would be surprised who takes these things, and that's why you need to keep up of get left behind in the small willy club. Guys nowadays are using steroids for the top of their bodies and penis pumping pills for downstairs.
The company behind Male Extra as you can see make some big claims about this product and like I said I have spoken to half a building sites worth of lads and the only one who changed was the youngest lad and that was only because Max Performer are cheaper. The rest ain't for budging
and they are calling themselves the likes of the destroyer and whatever else names they come up with when their bragging to each other about their dick sizes. Its like one big contest up there i'm telling you.
Ive been promoting Male extra now for the last 18 months and the same as the other two companies the postage and packing is fast and discreet. They are a very professional company as you would expect from a leading product manufacturer and they give a 60 day no quibble guarantee, and as you can see in the images on this page they claim you can grow your tool by up to 2.6inches in 6 months and just under an inch in 3months so your gonna be looking at a good half an inch within the first 60 days and if you don't see the gains or you think they are talking crap about what's apparently still to come with continued just send the rest back for a full refund. Do you know why they can give these guarantee's the likes of Male Extra, Max Performer and VigRx Plus??? Its because they work and hardly anyone sends them back.

The same as with the other two products I give you a direct link to the main websites, so if you decide Male Extra are the ones your going to start building up your trouser snake with then just press on this
blue LINK (MaleExtra) to go and press any of the images on this page, and your automatically directed there.
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