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Welcome to the FREE penis enlargement exercises page that shows real techniques used to increase penis size manually. When these exercises are combined with male enlargement products like max performer pills, you will get even better results than using either method on its own. The combination of several techniques is always the best way to get a bigger penis and it will also happen a lot sooner as well. Any blue wording with underlines on this page are links to info

Download our FREE penis enlargement exercise guide by clicking HERE...freepenisguide.PDF

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Jelq History

Jelqing is an ancient Sudanese Arab technique of penis enlargement, passed through the ages from father to son. It is thought that this was a old tradition where fathers would prepare their young sons for sexual relationships by teaching them the art of penis massage to increase penis size. This version of history seems to have its inception around the time people started selling books containing "Ancient secrets of penis enlargement". The validation of this rewrite of history is often traced to the bible.

"She doted on their paramours, whose flesh is as the flesh of donkeys, and whose issue is like the issue of horses."   --Ezekiel 23:20

This does not suggest that size or ejaculatory power was as the result of enlargement exercise like jelqing, but penis size has always been a notable subject even in ancient times and we do know they were practicing this method.

Jelq Constituents

Jelqing is, on the face of it, simple but it can take a while to master the intricacies of the exercise and improvements will be made many months after starting. Initially your penis will need to become accustomed to the pressure levels and so you should aim to build the intensity and duration of the exercise over time. This will allow for the blood supply to the penis to develop and the tissues to become used to the exercise.
Erection Level

The level of erection is important. If you Jelq with too low an erection level or allow your erection to subside for too long before correction, the pressure during the progression of each stroke will vary greatly. The start of the stroke will be low pressure and the end of the stroke will be a much higher pressure. This will encourage more girth development toward the glans and eventually result in a baseball bat shape developing.

The minimum erection level you should allow is 40%-50%. In general, the greater the erection, the more effect on girth. Likewise, the lower the erection, the more effect on length. That said, some gain length easily and others only find girth increases. Jelqing with erections higher than 80% should be avoided initially. It is important to remember these points in order to get the best penis enlargement results
The correct Grip

Another important factor in penis enlargement exercise is the grip, which can be applied in many ways. When it is applied for the different penis enlargement exercises there are some important things to remember and this we call the common grip factors.

The standard OK grip can be applied in two ways, palms up (a standard OK) and palms down (an overhand OK). Though the grip is generally referred to as an OK grip there is no requirement for the forefinger and thumb to meet, what is important is that it traps blood effectively. To that end if it works to grip the end of the forefinger with the thumb or to use thumb and forefinger in a U shaped grip it is important to proceed with what works best. A U shaped (pinch grip) applied vertically will tend to work the corpora carvenosa (CC) most, encouraging girth gains.

If there is no intention to attempt bend correction the grip should be applied straight. If gentle work to help correct a bend is required then the grip can be applied diagonally with the leading edge of the grip on the inside of the bend. Do not expect dramatic correction, this is a gradual and limited process.

The effects of jelqing are a combination of stretching and internal pressure. If stretching and length are important application of a grip that less effectively traps blood but is stronger is sensible. This can be achieved with rotation of the grip at the point of application. Also if the first grip becomes a short stretch at the glans whilst the second grip is applied this is likely to have positive length effects.

Care should be taken to avoid damaging the dorsal nerve which runs along the top of the penis in the middle. There is a particularly sensitive nerve bundle in the top middle of the penis just below the glans and this should be avoided, either by terminating the stroke an inch before the glans or avoiding the area with a grip biased to sideways pressure. An overhand OK, locating the webbing between thumb and forefinger centrally is likely to be least likely to cause nerve damage and can fairly safely allow the stroke to be continued all the way to the glans.

To ensure that the entire penis is worked out thoroughly the grip should be varied during the course of a session. Mixing up overhand and standard OK grips and changing rotation of the grip at the point of application is a good habit to gain.

Its best to work up to full intensity. Even with a good warm wrap, a lot of spotting can be avoided by applying a low intensity grip initially and building it up during the first minute or so.
Jelq Basics

Jelqing (also known as milking) is an exercise designed to force large amounts of blood through the penis, increasing the internal pressure and creating controlled damage or micro-tears in the structure of the penis resulting in enlargement. This damage will be mostly repaired overnight but overworking or not taking rest days will reduce efficiency. The effects of the enlargement exercises can be to increase length or girth or a combination of the two.

Before starting any enlargement exercises it is important that it is is proceeded with and finished off by a warm up and warm down, to relax the tissues and minimize chances of injury. This is in the same way as you warm up before and warm down when going to the gym to exercise arm and leg muscles etc.

Lubrication is also  needed in order to make make the jelqing method of enlargement easier and more comfortable. Many types lubricants can be used to jelq as long as the lubricant is fairly long lasting and reapplied when necessary it should be fine. Water based lubricants can normally be revived by adding a little extra water, so a cup of water to dip into whilst jelqing is useful.

The jelq exercise consists of applying an OK style thumb and forefinger grip encircling the base of the lubricated partially erect penis, restricting blood flow, and pulling this grip forward toward the glans. Once one hand has reached the glans the same grip and motion is applied with the second hand. This process is repeated for a number of strokes in a continuous milking motion. Each stroke should take no less than three seconds. Click here for the instructions for the WET JELQING EXERCISE or even better why not download the exercise PDF by clicking the link below.

Download our FREE penis exercise guide by clicking HERE...freepenisguide.PDF
The Stroke

The speed of each stroke is extremely important. Stroke times of less than 3 seconds should be avoided. It is very easy to start at a good rate but increase to masturbation speeds if concentration is lost. Timing the stroke rate (either by counting ( one - one thousand, two - one thousand, three - one thousand) or with a watch or metronome is a good way to ensure that the speed is constant.

It is possible to increase the strength of the grip without encouraging a ramping of pressure during the stroke by lengthening the stroke time.

To encourage length gains many people end each stroke in a short light stretch (often unconsciously), very similar to a JAI stretch.

Download our FREE penis exercise guide by clicking HERE...freepenisguide.PDF

Angle and Position

An upward angle (penis pointing up toward the ceiling) will put most of the stretching gain into the tunica which is harder to stretch than the ligaments, so it can be used to try and minimize length gains (in combination with high level erections). An upward angle is associate with a standard OK grip. It is harder to grip close to the base using this angle.

A downward angle (penis pointing toward the floor) will place more strain on the ligaments. Its generally associated with an overhand OK grip and many people find it easier to both achieve a grip nearer the base and a greater pump effect from each stroke.

With a standard OK, stroking with the right hand whilst pulling the shaft to the left, and with the left hand pulling to the right, will apply stretch to the ligaments on one side at a time benefiting length. Pulling in the same direction as the hand in use with an overhand OK will have similar effects.

Some find that jelqing whilst standing increases the initial pressure of blood in the penis and thus the effectiveness. Similarly jelqing in a sitting position with the legs raised above the level of the penis should help. This will also encourage a slumped back which will allow easier access to the base of the penis and increase the downward angle when jelqing down.

Wet jelq step by step exercise instructions for penis enlargement

** After a warm wrap apply a good amount of lubrication to the penis, e.g. Vaseline, KY jelly or udder balm.

** Create a standard OK grip at the base of the penis, ensuring a 60-80% erection.

** Push the grip forward slowly, it should take 2-3 seconds to reach the glans.

** As the first grip comes close to the glans apply a second grip to the base.

** Release the first hand and move the second hand toward the glans. When it reaches the glans create a new grip with the first hand at the base. Repeat this motion with some fluidity,switching hands with each stroke.

** Create an overhand OK grip at the base of the shaft.

** Move the grip forward slowly pointing the penis toward the floor.

** As the first stroke reaches the glans, create a second overhand OK grip at the base of the shaft.

** Release the first grip and move the second grip forward toward the glans. When it reaches the glans apply a new grip at the base with the first hand. Repeat for some time

** After ten or more minutes of jelqing the penis should hang much fuller, this should last for some hours. When jelqing is finished it is sensible to apply another wrap, either hot or cold.
JAI Stretches step by step technique 

For the sake of simplicity the method of performing a straight out JAI Stretch from the top is described; however, there are many variations that can be used depending upon the specific LOT and body fibers (ligaments/tunica) being targeted.

The JAI Stretch consists of the following actions:

Warm wrap
Create the initial overhand ok grip behind the glans, using a suitable grip enhancement
Pull to a moderate tension
Hook the thumb of the other hand over the shaft at its mid point
Push down carefully
Hold for a period
Release carefully
The penis should be in a fully flaccid state before attempting this stretch.

Ensure that the Warm wrap encompasses both the penis shaft and the ligaments around the pubic bone.

If the grip should start to fail at any point release the tension carefully and reapply.

Locate the webbing between thumb and forefinger centrally on the top of the shaft when creating the initial palms down OK grip to afford the nerves the best possible protection. The pressure of the grip should impact mainly on the sides of the shaft.

The grip should be no further back than half an inch from the coronal ridge of the glans roughly in line with the circumcision scar, it will ride forward a little as the tension increases. Uncircumcised people may find it of benefit to retract the foreskin fully before attaching the grip.

If any pain is felt in the glans from excessive pressure during the stretch, release the stretch, loosen the grip and gently squeeze the glans glans between the thumb and index finger of the free hand, then tighten the grip again. This may be done as a matter of course before attempting the stretch.

With comfortable but adequate pressure of the grip hand the initial tension should be created gradually to the point where a gentle stretch is felt within the ligaments and their attachment points at the base of the penis.

While maintaining the outward pull place the thumb of the free hand on the top of the penis shaft near the base. Slowly begin to push downward with the thumb. With the inverted v-stretch often a couple of slow kegels at this point will help to increase the the effective tension.

Continue to increase tension until no more stretching is felt, then release back a little. The comfort threshold may be reached before this point and it is important to not exceed this.

Initially, when attempting to effect the ligaments, the stretch may be held for as little as ten seconds. When attempting to impact the tunica the stretch should be held for much longer, up to around 5 minutes.

Holding this stretch for extended periods requires the adoption of specific postures which will depend on body and penis dimensions. Often finding a position where the initial stretching arm may use a locked elbow joint, creating tension by moving the trunk or pushing the shoulder forward is helpful.

The second midshaft grip also be applied with a locked elbow, or resting the forearm behind the thigh. With inverted V-Streches, resting against the top of the thigh may be appropriate.

When performing a set of stretches it is often sensible to vary the point of the the fulcrum thumb is applied to stress the penis in different areas and to prevent soreness.

With short stretches move the thumb of the free hand up the shaft roughly an inch then repeat the stretch. If the grip on the penis still feels adequate repeat the process moving back down the shaft of the penis.

Between stretches and at the end of a session gently shake the penis or slap it against your thigh and massage the shaft to restore blood flow.

Common sense is key, always avoid sudden and/or excessive movements when stretching.

Download our FREE penis exercise guide by clicking HERE...freepenisguide.PDF

30 Second Stretch Technique 

(please read our LEGAL DISCLAIMER before reading any further)

The 30 second stretch exercise is as simple to do as it sounds. You literally just pull outwards stretching the ligaments until the penis gets longer its that easy, so once you have proceeded with your warm up you are ready to commence.

Start off by gently grasping just below the head of the penis and pull it firmly towards the left. You will feel the pressure on the right side of your penis as you hold this for 20 to 30 seconds, and this is what we want.

Be careful not to overstretch and don't try to over do it if its your first time. Next pull the head downwards towards the floor and hold this for 20 to 30 seconds.

Next pull the head to the right and you will feel pressure on the left, again hold for 20 - 30 seconds, and to finish the exercise pull the head upwards and hold for 20 to 30 seconds. These steps should be repeated for a total of approximately 10 minutes.

It is important to remember not to exceed the prescribed length of time per session. Over stretching and rushing any exercise is not healthy and will not make the exercise more effective.

Dont pull until it hurts, just until the maximum comfortable level of pressure is achieved. Remember to follow the instructions, and you will surely enjoy the benefits afforded to you by this simple exercise.
Kegel exercise technique 

(please read our LEGAL DISCLAIMER before reading any further)

Kegel exercise is a method we use to strengthen the pelvic muscles. If your like most people you may not know where your pelvic muscles are located, so lets take a look where they are. To begin this exercise you might want to practice sitting down or stand naked in front of a mirror. So to start off stand in front of a mirror and look at your penis. what we are trying to do is to make the penis move up and down on its own without moving the rest of your body. You may not find your pelvic floor muscles immediately.

Many people have to take their time with this. (After a bit of practice you should be able to perform kegel exercises lying down too.) So relax all of the muscles of in thighs, buttock and abdomen and try to feel relaxed.  Next tighten and draw in the muscles around the anus, as though you were trying not to break wind. Then relax. Practice this a few times until youre sure the right muscles are being exercised. Try not to squeeze your buttocks or contract your stomach muscles. Using the mirror you should see the penis move, once this happens and your clenching nothing but the muscles that is dong this your doing kegels.

Do the same technique with your urethra, where you pass urine. Squeeze your muscles together as though you were trying to stop a urine stream. Your penis should slightly draw into your stomach. You can even practice this while urinating to make sure you have the right muscles. Now you have located your pelvic floor muscles, and practiced the technique, you are ready to exercise.  The kegel exercise, is actually the name we use for the proper term which is pelvic floor muscle exercising. There are 2 main kegel excercises you can practice, one is the slow kegels and the other is fast kegels.

Slow kegels technique

Contract your pelvic floor muscles, hold for five seconds, and then relax for five seconds. Breathe normally while you do this.

Repeat the contraction, then relax for another five seconds. Try and make each contraction slow and controlled.

Do this exercise up to 10 times per set. Stop and rest if it feels uncomfortable.  
Gradually, try and hold the contraction for longer.

So eight seconds, then 10 seconds. Always relax for the same amount of time as you contract.

Fast kegels technique

We do by followong the same technique as slow kegels: contract, hold, relax.

However the contractions are short and rapid. Hold the contraction for a second, then relax, then contract again straight away.

Try and do ten fast kegels after a set of ten slow kegels.

Over time, try and increase this number. So 15 fast kegels, 20 fast kegels and so on.
The Horse Squeeze exercise 

This exercise is for increasing the girth of the penis and the horse squeeze technique can laterally expand the tunica by displacing the blood inside of the penis. For this exercise you will definitely need to use lubrication and the ideal erection level is 90% of your best effort and above.

So to start this exercise off  you first  have to get an erection, and once this happens you should firmly grip your penis at the base,  making it so your trapping the blood inside and its not able to escape. Once you have done this first grip of the base, quickly loosen off a little and use your pelvic floor muscles to push more blood into the penis (press here to see where what these are).

What you are trying to achieve by doing this is createing a force great enough to push past the gripped penis base forcing more blood in to the penis than is being let out. to allow the blood in but to stop the blood from getting out again. Keep doing this action until you feel your erection is at its best achievable level.

Once you have achieved the best erection you can, form an OK symbol with the other hand and slide along the shaft of the penis, and bring it towards and fully over the tip. Do this while still keeping the other hand tightly clamped at the base. This action should take between 15 - 20 seconds to perform and the movement should be performed slowly and consistently.
BTC Stretch technique 

To do this stretch all you basically do is pull your penis back and clench it under your legs like your pretending to have a vagina. To commence the exercise first tart by placing on foot on a chair or the end of your bed for example and grab your penis by sending your hand around your back and up through your legs. Once you have caught hold of the penis and it is tightly grasped pull it towards your backside and tuck it underneath yourself.

Once you have got it fully back take your leg down off the chair and hold the stretch position. If done correctly you will feel a pull, but you will not feel any pain or discomfort. Do this exercise for as long as it states on the routine cards below or for however long over the minimum time of 5 minutes. This stretch is the same as all other stretching methods but it allows you to keep your hands free and if practiced it could be done while fully dressed and sitting at a desk in an office for example.

Download our FREE penis exercise guide by clicking HERE...freepenisguide.PDF

Head exercise - Enlarge your penis head

Some men are unhappy with the head of their penis and feel that they should be able to enlarge this as well. The exercise in this section should NOT replace any of the other exercises. When doing the head size exercises, they should not interfere with your normal program. If you have completed the main part of the program, and have cooled down, you can do the head size exercises without a warm up.

The main goal of this exercise is to increase the size of the penis head when visible and erect, little gains may be made on the size of the penis head when flaccid as well. Ok with this exercise a warm-up is not necessary however plenty of
]; is needed on the penis skin and the head of the penis, so get that done now. Make sure you are sitting comfortable.

Put your left hand on the base of your flaccid penis creating a ring around the bottom now we need to make the penis erect do this by bringing your left hand from the bottom of the penis to the top, until you are hard.

NEVER lose contact with the penis. Some pornographic material could be useful here.

When fully erect, grip the bottom of the penis with your left hand as before.

Put your right hand three quarters of the way up the penis shaft BELOW the head.

Using your right hand slowly push up the shaft and up towards the head of the penis.

When you reach the top don't let go, move your other hand up behind it then without letting go of the penis return to the starting position.

This is one repetition. Ideally you should be aiming for 9-10 repetitions of this exercise.

This should help you build a bigger head size and will make your penis look bigger when viewed.
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Damage to the penis due to enlargement exercise - Spots and Discoloration / jelq bloodspots 

Red pin prick spots, often though not exclusively located on the glans, are the result of burst capillaries. They should disappear within a day or two. Ensuring a thorough warm up and building toward full intensity can help to minimize them. They should not be considered a problem.

Larger red or purple spots indicate a more substantial breach in capillary or vein walls. Taking a couple of days off from jelqing is a good idea.

Black pin prick spots located on the shaft are an indicator of insufficient lubrication. They should heal quickly.

Bruise like discoloration located toward the end of the shaft and often more noticeable on the bottom is common among jelqers. These are caused by blood being pushed through the membranes under pressure and having no route to return. Warming up thoroughly and not ramping intensity too quickly can help to minimize these.

This type of discoloration can occur in a single session from the weakening of vein walls. It will often be circular in shape and 1/8" or more in diameter. Sometimes the point of weakening can be felt as a small hard lump (coagulated blood). In this situation continued jelqing can aggravate the problem dramatically. A break of a least 3 days is essential.

Though this discoloration will fade very slowly after halting jelqing for a period of months or years, they can be encouraged to reduce.

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