Do wives cheat on their husbands?? You better belive it they do!!!
Do wives cheat on their husbands?? You better belive it they do!!!
Monday, 06 August, 2018

Do wives cheat on their husbands? You better believe it and the number that do is probably much higher than you might think.

Some studies suggest that the number of married women who have an affair at some point could be as high as 60% but the average seems to be around 35% and still climbing.

While men often go looking for an affair, for women affairs seem to ‘happen’, usually during a period when their marriage or relationship is under stress.

A man goes looking for an affair for excitement and the thrill factor while the typical woman falls into a relationship because she is vulnerable and finds emotional support that she may not be getting from her husband.

Obviously there are some women who do go looking for an affair simply for the thrill factor but they are in the minority. That means that it is possible to reduce the risk of your wife straying into the arms of another guy so let’s look at some of the reasons women wander and things you can do to prevent it.

Quite a few guys come to me after they have ended their marriage because they have found that their wife was cheating and it seems that the most common scenario is where the marriage has simply become too comfortable.

Everything seems fine, she doesn’t complain if you spend all your time in front of the television and she doesn’t give you a hard time when you go out with the boys. You mightn’t be having sex all that often but no one is complaining and everything is coasting along.

While many women have no problems there are a lot who feel that this sort of relationship indicates that their husband has lost interest in them and they no longer have their man’s emotional support. That emotional support is so very important and a girl will go looking for it if she isn’t getting it at home.

To avoid this sort of problem spend time with your partner, talk to her, encourage her to share her day with you, be her friend and not just a guy with whom she shares a house. Make her the most important person in your life and make sure she understands that and finally have sex when you’re awake, not just at the end of the day when it’s just a quick fumble before you fall asleep.

Sex is a very important part of a relationship but some guys seem to make it the focal point and that can be a serious mistake. Wild sex in all its variations night after night does not keep your partner from straying.

Certainly she will enjoy it but a woman needs something more than an incredible orgasm every 24 hours and even wild sex will not keep her from wandering. If your partner is suggesting to you that there are nights when she would just like to snuggle up with you or spend the evening talking then you are hearing some of the warning signs.

As I said earlier, men often look for affairs for the thrill and the passion while most women fall into affairs because they are vulnerable. She may well feel that the only reason you keep her cumming every night is because you want to get your rocks off and not because you want to spend time with her.

A woman needs to be courted every single day, she needs to be convinced that her partner loves and cares for her and is attracted to her and that she means more to him than being just a convenient sex object.

Girls who don’t get this sort of reassurance will find it elsewhere no matter how good the sex may be. Some guys can’t cope when their wives go back to college or return to the workforce. Suddenly they feel that every predatory male will be sniffing around their lady and they feel that their relationship is in danger.

The ironic thing here is that this is probably the least dangerous time in a relationship. The bored wife at home is far more likely to stray than the eager girl who is far more interested in establishing a career than falling into an affair.

The problem here is that guys in this situation often behave like jealous idiots and do far more damage to their relationships than they realize. It is far better to talk to your partner about your concerns than to hide them and let them fester until they explode and ruin everything.

By talking calmly and quietly to your partner about your concerns you show her that you really care about her and believe me, you will help her see how you really feel about her and you will win more brownie points than you ever thought possible.

Every marriage moves into the doldrums at times and it is usually the woman who notices it first. Work may be taking up a big part of the day for both of you leaving little time for that special time with each other or you may have achieved your joint goals and are drifting aimlessly with no new targets to aim for.

Maybe you’ve begun flirting with some cute babe at workor your partner is finding life at home to be boring. Whatever the situation this is a serious point in your relationship and you need to be aware of the danger signs when they arise. Unfortunately by the time most men wake up to what is happening it could be too late.

Turn the danger signs into positives by focusing on them. Take your lady out to dinner or a show, do something special with her that you haven’t done for a while, show her that you want to keep on building your relationship.

Set new joint goals with her that both of you can aim for and start working towards them. Step back from that babe at work, think of the messy divorce or separation, the alimony, the hassles of setting up life with someone new and the fact that the beautiful lady you already have is very special to you.

Women do stray, there is no doubt of that but most situations can be avoided if you are prepared to work hard to prevent them. The hard work is always worth it because a loving partnership can face the problems of the world far more easily than can one lonely individual.

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The Micro Phallus Syndrome -- (Penis smaller than a child syndrome)
The Micro Phallus Syndrome  --  (Penis smaller than a child syndrome)
Tuesday, 03 April, 2018

What Is Micro Phallus?

Penis that is of unusually small is known as micro phallus or micro penis. The size is smaller than average i.e. when the penis of a new born child is stretched, it is smaller than the average 1.9 cm. It is a rare case that occurs in less than 0.6% of the world’s population.

Causes of Micro Phallus

Abnormalities occur due to the complex process of fetal development.The male and female genitalia cannot be distinguished very early. It is only after the production of hormones that the differences occur and sex organs begin to develop. The clitoris and labia-forming tissues in female change to the penis or scrotum in the male child. The sex chromosomes i.e. the XX and XY chromosomes and the hormones have a big role to play in the development of genitalia. Some of the causes for the occurrence of micro penis are given below.

There is a deficiency of testosterone after the from the 13th to 42nd week of fetal development. The deficiency and the resultant micro penis may be due to genetic reasons though no gene has been located as such. Another cause is androgen insensitivity, where the fetus displays insensitivity to the male hormone. Chromosomal abnormalities like Klinefelter’s syndrome, Down’s syndrome or Turner’s syndrome.

Treatment for Micro Phallus

Parents should get second medical opinion regarding the treatment. When the new born child is detected with micropenis, the parent, in consultation with a medical team comprising of specialists like radiologists, pediatricians, geneticists, endocrinologists and urologists should discuss the treatment to be given to correct the size of the organ. The team should discuss all the options and the outcome frankly with the parents.

The treatment may include the following procedures.

If the cause has been determined as hormonal, testosterone stimulation is advised. The results are visible within 3 months. Surgery is sometimes recommended along with hormonal treatment. Gender reassignment is something that should be left to the child till he mature enough to decide for himself. Another option is gender assignment. This does not involve surgery. When the cause is due to genetic disorder, then the treatment and outcome can vary from one child to another. At such a time, it is essential for the parents to avail counseling. Parents should take part in a medical program to come to terms with the child’s problem.

Social and Cultural issues

The penis defines a man’s sexuality. All men are obsessed with the size of their penis. This outlook influences treatment to a great degree. Gender realignment and surgery was the chief treatment in such cases. This decision was mostly taken due to social issues. The size of the penis was important and if it could not be altered then the next best choice was to realign the genital to female and the increase in production of female hormones was encouraged. With research and medical advances in this field, there has slowly been a change in social attitudes. However, all this requires a lot of support for both the child and the parents. With support, most men with micro phallus have come to terms with the small size of their penis and have enjoyed an active sexual life.

Penis Enlargement – The Need For It And Expected
Penis Enlargement – The Need For It And Expected
Tuesday, 10 October, 2017

Just like the size of the breasts for women, the size of the penis for men is something to be attended to, if it is already not in the right size. If not alone for the look, it is to be considered important so as to experience an exciting sexual life, and to avoid difficulties in achieving an erection. If the size of the penis is small, there may be quite a lot of problems related to it. For example, if an individual has a small sized penis, he is bound to have problems such as premature release of the sperms during sexual intercourse. Erection may not be possible with least efforts or even the arousal may be later than for men who have a long, thick and hard penis.

Moreover, the size of the penis is the strongest sign of manhood. For the sake of a manly appearance and for a smooth sexual life with the partner, for whom the size may be important, there ought to be some measures and methods that can be adopted to enlarge the size of the penis.

It is a fact that there are millions of men who suffer from ED- Erectile Dysfunction currently. This is a condition faced by men in having at most difficulty in achieving an erection and to make the erection prolong till the orgasm. Enlargement of the penis may be of great help in getting the penis erect and sturdy during sex.

What men expect commonly of techniques used for enlargement of penis is that, there must be effective results that are offered after the usage of either one of the techniques in terms of the size of the penis. The penis must get bigger with respect to both length and the width. The technique must be safe and must not lead to any adverse side effects.

It is important that the person should not be subjected to any further problems such as painful erections after the usage of techniques for enlargement of the penis. There should not be any alteration in the shape of the penis or in other words, the penis should not be bent after the technique is applied for betterment of the size of the penis. Some temporary methods adopted such as the usage of pills like Cialis should not let the erection persist for longer than necessary, since it may develop pain in the penis. Hardness of the penis can never be afforded to be lost after using a method or a device for penis enlargement.

How Do I Spot Male Penis Enlargement Scams?
How Do I Spot Male Penis Enlargement Scams?
Wednesday, 12 April, 2017

The penis enlargement industry is a very big one, and where there are large industries, there are often those who look to take advantage of consumers by creating scams. Unfortunately, there are many penis enlargement scams currently in existence, and you really do have to be careful not to fall in to them.

After reading this article though, you should have a pretty good idea as to how to protect yourself from the scams which are currently out there. If the worst comes to the worst and you do fall victim to a scam, we will also provide you with the information you need to get yourself out of the trouble which might be caused as a result.

How to Identity Scams

The first step in protecting yourself from male penis enlargement scams is to learn how to identify them from the get go. If you are able to clearly determine which offers are scams and which are not, you should have a fair chance of keeping your penis enlargement product buying within the sphere of safety.

There are three giveaway features of a penis enlargement scam. They are:

No contact details for the seller

Difficultly understanding text or the product information

No SSL certificate or no advanced website

The first of these – no contact details – is probably the biggest giveaway of them all. Whenever you are buying something on the internet, you should always have the contact details of the particular company right in front of you. If you can’t find them, or if they are simply not there, chances are the company doesn’t want to be contacted, and there is usually a reason for that.

Just think about it – if there are no contact details, how can you expect to get in touch with the company if something goes wrong with your order? Chances are you won’t be able to, and email is a very unreliable tool when it comes to that type of thing.

Website Issues Indicating Fraud

There are another two giveaways when it comes to male penis enlargement fraud. These relate to the actual website which the penis enlargement products are being sold on. If the website doesn’t look professionally built, chances are it’s not.

Additionally, if there is no SSL certificate protecting your details on the payment page, you should be genuinely worried. SSL is now a standard feature for any website which is collecting sensitive information from users such as passwords, credit card numbers, and so on.

Again, if you find any of these (or lack of these should we say), be particularly suspicious. It could be that they are simply genuine mistakes, but even if they are – you shouldn’t be buying from such a site anyway.

By looking out for each of these things, you will be able to significantly minimize the chances of getting done by a fraudster in the area of male penis enlargement products.

Surgery For Male Enhancement - Going under the knife
Surgery For Male Enhancement - Going under the knife
Friday, 20 January, 2017

When it comes to their penis, all men believe that being the bigger man makes them more desirable. This makes many men look for ways to enhance the size of their organ through exercises, pills and surgery.

While Phalloplasty or surgical penis enlargement is commonly used for correcting medical conditions of penis, it is also a means for many men who seek penis enlargement.

How Does Phalloplasty Help?

Many men suffer from a medical condition called as ‘micropenis’. This condition occurs when the fetus has low testosterone levels and as a result, the child is born with an abnormally small penis. In an adult, the size of a flaccid penis is less than 2.8 inches and not more than 2.8 inches when it is completely stretched. Phalloplasty is also an alternative for men who are not satisfied with the size of their penis and wish to enlarge it. The surgical procedure adds length and girth to the organ.

Types Of Penis Enlargement Surgeries

There are many types of penis enlargement surgeries depending upon what it is that you wish for. Do you wish for extra length, or girth or maybe both? Given below are the three types of penis enlargement surgeries.

The first type of surgery is known as Fat Free Transfer and is used for increasing girth. Fat from one area is removed and transferred to the penis. Although you can expect the girth to increase by nearly 50%, you may need more than one surgery.
Use a penis extender during the recovery period.

The second type of surgery for girth increase involves grafting tissue to the penis. The tissue is removed from a cadaver or from another body area.

The third type of surgery is for increasing length. The penis is held to the public bone by means of ligaments. These ligaments are cut and the length is increased by nearly 3 cms.

Results Of Penis Enlargement Surgery

The results of the surgery mainly depend upon the surgeon’s skills and can leave scars that can the final outcome. Scarring is, however, minimal when you undergo Fat Free Transfer as it involves injecting fat tissue into the penis. The fat is then molded beneath the penis’ skin. Tissue grafting causes scars both in the area from where the tissue is removed and the penis.

Risks Of Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is also known as cosmetic enhancement and great care should be taken during the surgery. Fat Free Transfer is the safest from of surgery as there is no chance of infection or any disease after the surgery. The body also does not reject it because tissue from your body is used.

Tissue grafting for girth enhancement causes scarring. It can also lead to infection or rejection of tissue, especially if cadaver tissue is used. This is the reason why using cadaver tissue is not approved. But on the whole, any kind of cosmetic surgery can result in bleeding, bruising and infection, especially if the surgeon is not skilled.


Since surgical skill is of utmost importance, it is essential that you consult various doctors before you decide to go ahead with the procedure. The surgeon should be reputed and a certified member of ‘American Academy of Phalloplasty Surgeons’, as they are experts in the field of phalloplasty.

Know all that you can about the surgical enhancement of penis so that you are prepared for the scarring. You can also look into Penis enlargement pills as an option as they are safer and easier to use.

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